Are you allowing yourself to feel happy?

Is it really external events that make us happy?

Everyone wants to feel happy. And most of us believe that external events and circumstances will make us happy. But have you noticed that when you get what you thought would make you happy - you feel satisfied for some time, but it doesn't last long? And then you set yet another target goal and struggle to achieve it.

Does your happiness come from achieving specific goals? From buying certain things?

These events and actions can help us open up to the feeling of happiness, but they don't create it. Happiness actually comes from within, it is always present within us. We just did not learn to open up to it independent of circumstances and events yet.

So, how can you feel happy right now?

Just take a moment to remember an event that made you happy. It can be a memory of someone special to you. A memory of meeting someone special at the airport. A memory of a beautiful event in your life. Turn on a touching soundtrack that you love. Just for a moment, allow yourself to imagine a bright future that you want for yourself.

All of these thoughts are able to call on a feeling of peace and happiness, you know it is true. So, it is never anything external, it is always within you.

Happiness as a way of living.

Imagine the freedom you would experience if you knew your happiness to not be dependent on anything external? What if you didn't have to buy anything, or have all the stars align just right in order to feel happy?

We tend to endlessly think about our past, our future, and endlessly worry. Yet, when we relax into the present moment, all of these negative thoughts disappear. You can then live through every breath, through every cup of tea, and see only that which is in front of you.

You can learn to call this feeling at will and feel open, relaxed and excited about your life. And it might be hard to believe at first, but you also CAN create the life of your dreams WHILE feeling happy!

As long as you are connected to this feeling of openness, of happiness, you will eventually create just the perfect life for you. And you don't have to give anything up! You will simply learn to see when and what in your life makes it challenging for you to stay open. You will see what thoughts, what places, what people and what events help you open up and feel happy. It can be as simple as doing more of what helps you be happy and doing less of what closes you up. Just keep opening up to happiness, again and again, observe your inner state, and see how it changes in different situations.

It is up to you to grow from this, to change your reactions and, inevitably, your external circumstances as well. Then happiness will become your default state of being. How much more attractive is this compared to endlessly struggling and blindly chasing short-lived satisfaction all throughout your life through ways that society imposed on you since your birth?

What could be more important than understanding your happiness?

It is challenging to be happy while experiencing something that you'd rather not. It is hard to stay open, centered and happy in all kinds of situations in our lives. But being so is infinitely easier than endlessly struggling to force the world to be exactly the way you need it to be in order for you to feel happy. Our happiness is truly independent of our circumstances.

What could be more important in your life than understanding yourself? More important than understanding your happiness? After all, isn't feeling happiness our ultimate goal?

"Happiness depends upon ourselves." - Aristotle.

Only you can allow yourself to be happy.

We went through our lives trying to attain happiness by whichever means we learned through our life's experiences. We learned to close up in most situations, especially if we were hurt and we only allow ourselves to feel happy in a couple of special moments. When you learn to not close, you will always feel happy and fulfilled. Those feelings are like a river that runs through you, a river that will never run dry. Your life will be open to infinite possibilities.

You feel happy only when you allow yourself to feel it. You deserve the right to keep it beautiful inside of you and nobody can take it away from you unless you let them.

And when you find it difficult to open, then just tell yourself - "Don't close".

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