Sell Or Be Sold – Book Summary

This great book by Grant Cardone helps you develop habits for becoming a highly effective salesperson. Below I outlined the main points that I took from this book.

As with any summary, I believe it should be used as a refresher, as a list of guiding points that help remember the contents of the book. To fully understand and apply the following points, it is highly recommended to actually read the book. It does not replace the actual experience of reading the book, nor is it intended to.

You can purchase “Sell or Be Sold: How to Get Your Way in Business and in Life” (Audible/Kindle/Hardcover) here.

  1. It is never too much money for the customer. It is too much money for this product. Go ahead, sell him a more expensive one, and judge their response before trying a cheaper one.
  2. ALWAYS agree with the customer. I agree it’s a lot of money. Everyone who invests in this product agrees that this system is a big investment when they’re buying it. That’s why you should get it installed to start making money right away. You are right.
  3. Salespeople stop sales, not customers. Take action and responsibility.
  4. Second money is always easier than first.
  5. Don’t bring up unreturned phone calls.
  6. Sell only what the customer needs. Find that out and match their needs with a product.
  7. – “You’re pressuring me”. – “Sir, you’re confusing my belief and passion in knowing this is the right product for you and your company with pressure. Please don’t misinterpret my enthusiasm for pressure. Now, let’s do this.”
  8. People pay more for an agreeable, positive experience than for a great product.
  9. Shorten your sales process. Value your customers time.
  10. Price is not your problem. You are your problem.
  11. Sell the client on their need.
  12. Give! Make the client feel serviced rather than sold.
  13. Work on filling your pipeline.
  14. Be confident in yourself, your product, and your price. You can’t sell something you don’t believe in.
  15. Buy your own product.
  16. Look, dress and sound professional.
  17. Take notes of most common objections and find the best answers to them. Use - that’s a great question, let me get back to you on that.
  18. Use social media to get yourself out there & known.
  19. The grass is always greener effect. Choose something and stick to it.
  20. Demand success the same way as you demand oxygen.
  21. Working for commission is the safest thing, as you’re in control of your money.

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